PBwiki Presenter Pack

Over the last three months we’ve been offering our users PBwiki presenter packs. If you’re interested in giving a presentation about PBwiki (or Web 2.0 technologies in general) we’d love to ship you our presenter pack. It’s free!

The presenter pack includes:

  • A PBwiki shirt. Choose your favorite
  • An easy-to-read PDF overview of PBwiki to hand out to your audience (“What’s a wiki?” “Can I see some samples?” “What about privacy?”). We’ll even reimburse your printing costs.
  • A Powerpoint with pictures of real people/students using PBwiki.
  • 3 FREE Premium Gold wikis. Keep one for yourself and give the other two away to your audience. (Total value: $750.00.)
  • Here’s a couple of pictures of the goodies from our presenter packs, courtesy of our PBwiki users.



    Check out our PBwiki Presenter Pack page for more information on how to obtain the presenter pack.

    8 thoughts on “PBwiki Presenter Pack

    1. I LOVE PBWIKI – my students are addicted, and so am I. This really has been the best thing to happen to my curriculum in a very long time.
      The staff at my site is a bit technophobic. I know if I could show them how great this is, more of them would take the leap. I’m planning to offer an afterschool or staff meeting presentation as soon as I can get put on the schedule. Can I request a presenter pack?
      Thanks for everything you do (can’t wait for 2.0!)

    2. I am a new Lead Teacher for e4TN (e for Tennessee). We are a grant funded initiative developing online, for credit classes for the students of Tennessee (and beyond). I besides my duties in teacher oversight, I have also been tasked with researching and applying web 2.0 technology into our courses under development. I would love to receive a presenters pack so that I could “spread” the word about you.

    3. I use a class wiki for each online class I teach now. Wikis have provided a platform for my online students to share their research and opinions without meeting face-to-face. I’ve found the quality of assignments submitted has improved because students have opportunies to view different perspectives and quality of work of classmates.

      I have given two presentation to the community college where I am an adjunct instructor and I’m constantly working on the other members of our department to use wikis. It’s just the greatest collaboration tool I’ve ever used. PBwiki has been the most user-friendly of the wikis that I have used.

      Do you still have any gold accounts left? I received my t-shirt and used the presentor handouts but never received my gold accounts. I’d like to see if upgraded features would make it an even better tool!

    4. I used PBwiki in an e twinning project. Pupils from Greece Romania and Italy was colaborating using pbwiki to talk about emigration. I create a wikipage where i asked them to tell us what is their opinion about that tool. All of them liked it very much even and if was the first time that they used it. You can find their answers in : http://whyemigrating.pbwiki.com/our+feelings and specially in the question : http://whyemigrating.pbwiki.com/our+feelings#Wasthiswikiuseful . They used it to talk about the project but also they created their personal pages where they add things that they like. It is really the only tool that you can use if you want to make a nice cooperation with pupils from other countries.

    5. I use pbworks quite a bit in the classroom and have presented some of my projects already. Are you still looking for presenters?

    6. Please send me a presenter’s pack to Gail Holmes
      3318 Northampton Drive
      Greensboro, NC 27408

      I will be presenting pbworks at an all day workshop on April 10 and would love to be a ble to give the prize pack as a door prize

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