Educators are talking about PBwiki (and check out our videos)

27 Mar

We’ve been getting some flattering comments from educators around the country.

Anne Bubnic, who’s with the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP Region IV), writes about our new PBwiki videos:

At CTAP, we love wikis and, in particular, we love PB Wiki. We have so many wikis that we actually had to create a wiki to keep track of all of our wikis!


…more recently, the company created these videos for educators to use in trainings. Some of my CTAP colleagues are among those speaking on the video about their experiences using PB wiki.

You can find this series of 6 videos on You Tube, starting with PB WIKI – What’s a Wiki.

Anne also gives 12 examples of how she’s used PBwiki to help with her work at CTAP. See her entire post here.

(As a sidenote, check out the video below…

…and see all of the videos at our Educational Advisory Board — video page.)

One Response to “Educators are talking about PBwiki (and check out our videos)”

  1. Kathleen from CTAP March 28, 2007 at 5:21 pm #

    We at CTAP love PB Wiki. Our colleague Anne is “on fire” and shares her expertise with everyone. We like PBWiki because is easy, safe for students, and free of commercials. We have offered a series of workshops this spring to our K-12 public school audience in the Bay Area. We were also excited to see the PB Wiki video series posted to TeacherTube! ( Way to go all of you at PBWiki! Thanks:-)

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