Curious about PBwiki privacy and security?

We’ve had a few people e-mail us with questions regarding the privacy and security of PBwiki. Is PBwiki secure? Is it managed by a 3rd party? Are PBwiki servers sitting in some guys living room or running at an appropriate colocation center?

In an e-mail written to one of our users, our master chief, David Weekly answered the questions above:

Our servers are in a 24/7 guarded facility in an earthquake-proofed building in San Francisco, behind several layers of locked, sealed, access-controlled portals. The servers are owned and operated exclusively by a select handful of our staff, who have had checks performed on them and have signed a strict zero information disclosure policy document. We do not use third parties to manage our servers.

The servers are secured with a custom-hardened version of the Linux kernel, with a hand-tuned per-server lockdown of services and custom assembled IP firewall rules to only permit legitimate traffic. We have many companies and organizations keeping some of their most confidential data with us; if they kept it on their own shared drives at their office, there would be a significantly higher chance of exposure from a break-in.

Yep, PBwiki is secure.

5 thoughts on “Curious about PBwiki privacy and security?

  1. I notice that you didn’t address the PRIVACY part of the question. PBwiki users and potential users should be aware of this is the privacy policy (as of 8/7/08):

    “We offer you the opportunity to choose not to receive communications from us. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let us know by sending us an email to privacy (at) pbwiki (D0T) com”

    So PBwiki makes users go to the privacy policy and then manually type an email address to order to opt out of third party spam. That is f’ed up. And you have no email marketing preference settings?

    “…we are not responsible for removing information about you from the database of any third party with which we shared your Personal Data prior to processing your request.”

    You folks are pretty bold…but I imagine there are plenty of fools who will use your service.

    I’m not one of them. And I will strongly discourage anyone I know to use you.

  2. Ten to one you PBwiki hacks don’t allow my comment on your privacy policy to go through.

    No worries. I’m going to find dozens of places to post it.

  3. Joe,

    Hello. As I mentioned my email to you, PBwiki provides a pretty wide range of simple opt-out tools, including a link at the bottom of every email we send and notification preferences at As noted in the privacy policy, our support team also has the ability to manually disable email transmissions to a given address. We have plenty of email marketing preference settings; emailing to our privacy@ address is definitely not the only way people have of opting out of our messages.

    Not to mention the fact that we don’t spam or sell your email address to email marketers etc. That’s simply not the business we’re in. We are in the business of providing groups with secure and effective wikis and charging them for their use of our service.

    I’d be happy to talk more with you about your specific concerns about our privacy policy. As you can see here we’re not afraid of open dialogue about this issue.

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