What do you think of these ideas for new PBwiki features?

We’ve been hearing requests for certain features, so we’ve put together some surveys to learn more about how they might be used. Please take the surveys below and tell us! (Max time: 10 minutes.)

7 thoughts on “What do you think of these ideas for new PBwiki features?

  1. silly but vital feature. please put a “search” button up next to search on pages. it helps newbies.

    most people don’t spend time putting in nice breadcrumbing or nav tools. and search is such a vital function for people.



  2. I filled in one of the surveys and clicked “Done >>”, but all that did was blank the survey and put a star next to item 1. That seems strange, because most other surveys would tell give me more questions or tell me that I have finished.

    Web browser: Konqueror 3.5.4
    JavaScript: enabled
    Cookies: enabled
    Access to survey: I right-clicked “Would you be interested in an “email-to-a-wikiâ€? feature?” and chose “Open in New Window”.

  3. I suppose email to a wiki would be helpful particularly if family wants to post pictures etc.

    #1 goal is effective communication between caregivers and remote family – we’re using the site to keep track of summer activities and show family and friends what we’re up to

    I’m using my sidebar for what I’m assuming you mean by page-level access.

    I found my first experience with pbwiki was through a site used by a school committee – i then decided to do one for the family and one for my cub scout leaders. I’m having a ball!

  4. We need a automatic check of the links in the wiki
    Linking from one page to other is possible we need linking from word on one page to one word to anthor page

  5. why does an “educational” wiki give you Recent Activity with your Sidebar, while a “business” wiki offers only a gray blah Sidebar?

  6. # Would you be interested in an “email-to-a-wiki� feature?
    – YES

    # What’s your #1 goal using PBwiki?
    – Projects.

    # How would you use page-level access on your PBwiki?
    – Limit Client Project Access

    # Tell us about your first experiences using PBwiki
    – Good. 🙂 Looks easy and something even my clients will use!

  7. Hi guys.. I tried your beta of the document drop.. I really like it but don’t understand then how to really get it on to my wiki? Even though I have been using your wiki’s for 2 years or so.. I am still a newbie with the tool… Are you going to be presenting at NECC?? or have a booth?? .. I am presenting for Think.com ………….. and will definitely be expounding on the use of your program with teachers and students. Thanks!

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