Share Word docs with our PBwiki Installer — available now in beta

[Update, 1/30/08: We’ve put this project on hold, so please disregard the blog post below.]

We just released a super-very-much-not-final beta of the PBwiki Installer at

Share Word documents through PBwiki
Want to collaborate on a Word document? Use the Installer to send files to PBwiki and collaborate with your co-workers. You can send your Word files to PBwiki in two ways:

1. In Word, just click File >> Send to PBwiki.
PBwiki Installer in Word

2. Use the dropbox to drag Word files to PBwiki. Just drag files to the dropbox and they’ll magically appear in your wiki.

PBwiki dropbox

Coming up: the ability to send documents to your wiki alone, improved notifications on your desktop, and a Mac version (depending on demand). David spent many late nights on this, so give it a shot!

Download the PBwiki Installer here.

23 thoughts on “Share Word docs with our PBwiki Installer — available now in beta

  1. Hey david and pbwiki team.

    This is the dogs. Great functionality and boy is it fast. Unfortunately my document hasn’t rendered as well as others and it has missed the first page of the document ( But hey what are beta versions for! Once it has been tidied up it will be the business. Thanks for your efforts

  2. Hey,

    I am runnining Internet Explorer and Windows Office 2007 on Vista.
    Two Questions:

    – I cannot find the tag menu when editing.
    – I cannot use the PBwiki Drop Box with .docx files.

    When do you think these issues will be addressed?

    Thanks A Lot,


  3. Consider this a Mac version demand 🙂

    Times a dozen, when I think of all the clients I set up who have mixed shops…

    Love the new feature-a-day releases!

  4. I tried the pb wiki drop box and realized that it is not a good idea for me. It always ask if I want my documents to be saved, which of course are business and not for public viewing. So I uninstalled. But it is still in my word program and still asking each time I close a document. (confusing and annoying)

    I deleted it from the toolbar but it is still in the scroll down menu under file and still asking about saving. What do I do to get it out of my word and stop trying to save my docs to wiki.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you, Diane

  5. Please do NOT forget the Mac users! The teacher’s in my building are much more comfortable with the MacOS.

  6. A Mac version would be a major incentive for my organization to move to a paid PBwiki account. Our industry (book publishing) is probably 80% Mac.

  7. Just to break the Mac monopoly on this blogg! Some featured requests:
    – Resulting wiki page is named after the document’s name by default

  8. I like the way the drop box keeps any heading levels you have in the word document in the new wiki page. However, I don’t like the way that the toc plugin does not recognise it. See for what I mean. The first three headings were in the original word document. The following three were added to the wiki page and are recognised by the plugin. Just thought I’d let you know.

  9. The download link is non-functional for me, and there seems to be no update 6 months since the original post. Is this post still valid? I’d be very interested in giving it a try…

  10. New to PBWorks and learning everything. This feature sounds great. Wish it were still available. Thoughts please?

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