Hard drives – a proper sendoff

These drives we’ve pulled from some old servers are about to head to the big drill press in the sky (i.e. destroying them and the data on them) but I’m kinda obsessive-compulsive so I had to sort them into piles by model. Horray, order!


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8 thoughts on “Hard drives – a proper sendoff

  1. We’re going to destroy them. There’s nothing wrong with most of them but they’ve been replaced by newer, faster equipment.

    We’re aggressive about user privacy and data protection so to be on the safe side, we don’t reuse, discard, or sell any hard drives which have held user data.

  2. You can use DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke), which repeatedly overwrites the platters with random data. You can select different security levels (including standard ones used to erase secret government data or something). Even though from a technical standpoint, these drives would be perfectly safe (or at least insanely expensive to even attempt recovery), I understand if you’d still want to physicallydestroy them for your clients’ peace of mind. Hey, you can do both, right? :oP
    DBAN linkage: http://dban.sourceforge.net/
    oh hey, apparently there’s an enterprise version:

  3. Frank – cool, good to know for next time. I looked around, turns out we don’t actually have any hardware that can talk to most of these SCSI drives anymore. It’s all SATA now, those crazy kids.

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