Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers

I’ve been running some internal stats on the various activity levels across the PBwiki landscape. This set of numbers breaks categories down by volume of activity rather than unique users.

How much activity on private versus public wikis?

Around 2/3 of our activity is on private wikis. Takeaway: Our users have found lots of uses for PBwiki that we don’t know about, and we’d love to hear your stories.

How much activity on free versus premium wikis?

More than 16% of user activity is on premium wikis. Takeaway: Lots of people are taking advantage of our great premium features and enhanced security. Yay!

How much activity among major browser families?

Around 56% IE, 39% Firefox, 5% Safari, <1% everybody else.

How much activity over SSL versus unencrypted?

5.5% of our activity is over end-to-end SSL, which is available for our Platinum and custom SMB and business packages. Lots of companies trust PBwiki with their most sensitive documents.

Published by pbwikinathan

I'm the CTO of PBworks, Inc. We help organizations work better as teams with their clients and partners.

5 thoughts on “Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers

  1. I enjoyed reading the stats and learned new things. I am a new user of PB wiki and have already recommended it to many colleagues. I think your site is much easier to navigate than other wiki’s I have tried and I love the daily peanut. Keep up the good work

  2. I’m a molecular biologist that has been using pbwiki in private mode for about 3wks. Been a great resource to organize research that is available wherever I have online access and avoid carrying various version of ppt presentations back and forth. Only two complaints are 1) vagaries of WYSIWYG editing ~doubling the time to fully complete a page and 2) the inability to directly paste in images copied from elsewhere (this is a non-rectifiable complaint, I assume)

  3. Interesting stats.. it seems like Firefox is gaining a major foothold (yay for it!). I personally have a private wiki, and use it for basically organizing my work (including posting files so I can continue work on them on other computers – a very useful feature, I might add) and keeping track of random things that come up (like to-do lists, thoughts for a essay or blog entry, or whatever). My wiki is also free, just because free pbwikis are just that cool for my casual purposes. Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. Interesting stats! I’ve been using two private wikis — one for personal research, and the other to organize information about the miniature universe I’ve created and am basing several novels out of. I have highly reccomended it to several people because of its ease of use and many features, though, and I hope to see this website continue to grow. ^_^

  5. Very interesting! I’m working on a book, and there really wasn’t any software out there that would help me organize all of my notes, thoughts, characters, locations, ideas, etc. as easily as PBwiki. But since it is in the beginning stages, of course I want to keep it private. When the book gets published, that’s when I’ll make the wiki public!!!!

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