New "What is PBwiki doing" page with realtime updates

[Edit: We removed this after trying it out for a few weeks!]

Now you can follow the daily activities of the PBwiki crew – realtime! PBwiki makes fairly heavy use of IM already, so we built an IM bot that forwards certain messages to our newest wiki page. This means the page will receive tons of fresh insight into our inner minds. (Note: This may frighten small children!) But we think it is important to find new and useful ways to keep the PBwiki community updated on what we are up to. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “New "What is PBwiki doing" page with realtime updates

  1. Both of the links above lead to the rss page. Might need to fix the first one to actually reflect the pbwhatnow page.

    Nice little tool, looking forward to the updates. Why not forward these same select updates to a twitter account? Why make me have to look for it in your feed? Twitter!!

  2. Doesn’t really update the pbwiki community on anything relevant/important now does it?? Come on, you can do better than this!

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