10 reasons educators love us

Our friend and top educator Kathleen Ferenz sends us a report from a workshop she recently lead on PBwiki:

“Here are some winning quotes from this week’s workshop evaluations,” she writes:

  • “I love the ability of the wikis to easily create webpages for students and classroom use. The students can easily add information and student work for all to see through the use of the wiki.”
  • “Learned about the power and usefulness of Wiki.”
  • “Useful tools for sharing information with students, parents and other teachers.”
  • “The introduction to wikis and google docs.”
  • “PBwiki and Google resources are very useful skills that I aquired during this workshop!”
  • “Good ideas to use in my classroom and in my professtion life.”
  • “I can see the benefit of using wiki wiki with students and pass on the skills to fellow teachers at school.”
  • “Wiki web pages for collaboration for teachers and students.”
  • “Using Wiki is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration!”
  • “Vast potential, fun, practical. Will immediately implement at my school.”
  • “Setting up a pb wiki is invaluable.”

Coming up tomorrow: An answer to the question, “How would you use PBwiki in education?”

4 thoughts on “10 reasons educators love us

  1. Hey this was fun to read Ramit. Oh, I really like offering these wiki workshops too. I enjoy the reaction of teachers in my workshops when they learn how easy it is to use the web to build a collaborative classroom.

  2. We use pbwiki for our research group. You may be familiar with typical university webspaces like Blackboard, which are totally rigid and unmanageable. Pbwiki lets us design the site that’s most useful to us. We have a page for research papers in progress, one for upcoming meetings and minutes, and one for general discussion about new research interests. On Blackboard, it would take dozens of clicks to get to target pages; on pbwiki it takes less than a handful.

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