101 ways to save time with a wiki – #1 Post it!

I agree with you! It’s a huge pain to keep track of shared office documents. I am forced to figure out – does this document reflect the most recent changes? Was this version approved by the board? Has the team signed off on this document? Grr!

A wiki is a great way to cut down on that frustration. Here’s how I used my wiki to collaborate on my recent proposal for a city grant:

I started by posting the most recent revision of my grant on the wiki. To do this I just cut and pasted my original word document.


I invited others to collaborate on my project. It took my team a few weeks to get used to the idea that the document was always updated and always on the wiki. After a few weeks of responding to request for the documents with, “Check the Wiki!� everyone caught on.


It’s easy to keep track of revisions. By checking the document history, I can see who made changes and when they were made.


Rather than editing the document and emailing it to the team, I simply edit our shared wiki. Everyone receives notification that the wiki was updated and knows where to find the most recent copy. In the end my document was revised by three different departments, and I wasn’t wasting my time trying to keep track of every iteration. Fantastic!


How this saved me time:

1) I no longer have to search through email to find the most recent document, or figure out what I named the most recent copy on my desktop – my most up to date work is always on the wiki.

2) Finding old copies of the same document is simple, they’re always saved in the revision history. Again no more searching through past email or copies saved on my desktop.

3) Instead of receiving tons emails with revised documents, I’m notified when a change takes place. It’s easy to track what was changed and who made the changes (Less email noise!)

4 thoughts on “101 ways to save time with a wiki – #1 Post it!

  1. I needed a place for my documents last year. Gmail was ok because every reply was group into a thread. However, I could not arrange my documents or edit them.

  2. So true! My master’s program involved numerous collaborative writing assignments, and I have been through all the headaches of e-mailing documents around. It is too bad for me PBwiki was not around then, but it’s utility for today’s students, business people, grant writers, and everyone else working on collaborative documents is obvious to me. Try it and see. I am sure you will be glad you did!

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