Team Video! How do we use our wiki — find out!

We’ve been hearing a lot of questions about how PBwiki can be used in the workplace. Rather than offer a boring list of suggestions, we’ve created this cool video to show how WE use PBwiki at our office.

Here are some tips:

1) Don’t email documents to your coworkers and then try to manage and integrate their responses. Instead put your document on the wiki and invite your colleagues to make changes and offer suggestions.

2) Brainstorm your ideas on a wiki — it’s easy to create a cohesive plan once all your ideas have been laid out and reviewed by the team.

3) Eliminate unnecessary follow up meetings by placing your plans on the wiki.

How do YOU use your PBwiki?! We will feature the best response in a PBwiki case study – so be creative!

4 thoughts on “Team Video! How do we use our wiki — find out!

  1. We used to use it for our groceries list 😉

    Now we’ve grown up a bit and use it for posting tech specs, to building out ideas, to planning feature time lines.

    We also created a little mini-hr page that includes things like birthdays, contact info, and who to reach in case of an emergency – hey, you never know when a laptop might drop on somebody’s foot.

    I’m proud to say 342 days without an accident!

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