Tighter access control – My.PBwiki.com

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest security feature, My.PBwiki.com, a fast way to log into your multiple PBwikis with one personal password and easily control access on your wiki.

As a wiki Administrator the new My.PBwiki.com gives you unprecedented control over who is active on your wiki and what they are allowed to do. Here’s how:

• Individual sign on names and passwords ensure that only those select people who you chose to access your wiki site.
• My.PBwiki.com makes it easy to manage what contributors are allowed to see and edit.
• By ensuring that everyone has a My.PBwiki.com profile you will never see another anonymous edit ever again.

My.Pbwiki.com makes it simple for all PBwiki users to quickly log into all their PBwiki accounts with just one password. Simply create a user name and password, then add your many Pbwiki accounts.

Check out this video we made to explain how to create a My.PBwiki.com profile and the huge benefits it can bring to both wiki administrators and editors.

Head to My.PBwiki.com to create your own personalized log in and eliminate unwanted anonymous edits!

7 thoughts on “Tighter access control – My.PBwiki.com

  1. I don’t understand can someone walk me throug it. Help me. I am trying to find the way to a page that my librarian told me to get to. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  2. Only two of my pbwiki’s show up on my my.pbwiki.com page… the latest one, butwait.pbwiki.com, is missing. When I put “butwait” into the add a new wiki button and hit submit, it takes me to my butwait wiki, but that wiki still doesn’t show in the overall wiki list. I watched the video, Kristine (thanks!), but am not getting the same result that you are… any tips?

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