Putting Customers First

I’m nearing my first two months here at PBwiki and as they say, time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve come a long way since I started:

  • We’ve setup support metrics and begun measuring the team (and the company) wherever possible
  • We’ve added 2 more great people to round out our support team
  • We’ve improved the PBwiki community and our entire team here at PBwiki is actively involved 

And the best part – we’ve got a lot more on the way in the coming weeks!  We’ve made some conscious decisions to ensure that our customer’s needs come first – our support team is actively working to ensure that the answers you receive are high quality and relevant to your situation. Although we sacrificed some speed for this, we feel this is the right decision - I’ve received some great feedback from many of you (keep it coming!) with regards to our new support processes – here’s one that I got just today: 

I gotta tell you, I am MUCH happier with your help on my recent help ticket (and for hearing me out with my complaints about past help tickets) then I would have expected. You guys are doing good things on the customer relations front, and I appreciate it 🙂     

So, for those of you that are already using PBwiki – thanks for sticking with us, we’ll make sure we continue getting better at everything we do. And for those of you not using PBwiki – what are you waiting for?!  Hear what our users are talking about and get involved in the discussions here! 

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