PBwiki – A typical day at the office

We’re big fans of spicy food here at PBwiki and so today we set up a contest at the office to see who can take down the spiciest hot sauce within a set period of time.

The rules:

The participants:

Ramit: <I’m super impressed that Kristine actually competed>

Kristine: <This is what happens when you work with a bunch of men – you end up chugging hot sauce. This time Ramit is going down – way down >

The first taste:


Second thoughts after the second round – Paul has the defibrillator handy:


David acted as the judge and jury:


This is why you should come work with us at PBwiki.

8 thoughts on “PBwiki – A typical day at the office

  1. I have to say that Kristine did put up a good fight – she was able to stick through it even with all of Ramit’s continuous trash talking.

    I propose a tie-breaker round: hold the hot sauce in your mouth – the first one to spit or swallow loses.

  2. I put Dave’s Ultimate Insanity in my chili.
    I sample Habaneros before and after I saute them.
    I ask Thai chefs to hit me as hard as they can.
    I will defeat any and all challengers in a hot sauce competition.

    Bring it! 😀

    (Oh, by the way, did you know that sauteing habaneros releases pepper spray steam? Do I know this from experience? PERHAPS.)

  3. Kristine showed girl power!

    I would like to know how do you change the headline of your first page on your wiki.


  4. Hey Sharon,

    Thanks for the support – these guys don’t know why they’re dealing with!

    We’ve sent your question to support — in the future the best place to find quick answers to your support question is on our community site – http://getsatisfaction.com/pbwiki


    Hey Mike –

    There was no chili, or drop of soothing thai iced tea — this was a pure hot sauce competition. Anyone can eat spicy food – but can you eat the hot sauce on it’s own? I don’t know!


  5. That’s an insane contest but looks like fun.
    I think you could come up with more variations of this contest like maybe a japanese wasabi contest, or mustard contest, etc.

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