Missing: Watson the Wiki Shirt

Last week I received a desperate email in my inbox…

“I have a problem and I am wondering if you can fix it for me. I am a senior at Randolph high school and am a peer teacher for Ms. Eberheart a biology teacher. She is very big in to using PBwiki. She is so into it that she got a t-shirt from you.

As a fun thing Ms. E has her students take it around when they go to special places and then have them write a blog about it. The reason I write to you is because she gave me the shirt to take to the giants parade and it was stolen from me. I gave it to a player to sign and when they threw it back another person picked it up and walked away with it I went to look for it but I could not find it. Could you help me out and maybe send Ms. Eberheart another shirt so she can continue her project with the shirt.

Mrs. E receives two snaps from the PBwiki team. She thought of a creative way to engage her students in biology, new technology AND creative writing. You can see her blog here. What interesting ways have you found to introduce technology into your classroom?


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