The Company-Customer Pact

A few weeks ago, we attended a summit put together by our friends over at Get Satisfaction and they launched something they call the Company-Customer Pact. As they put it:

This pact is a call for shared responsibility between companies & customers — one that promises that both sides will hold up their end of the bargain to change the game. The document provides a way to opt into a set of shared values. It’s a balanced statement of responsibilities for companies and customers.

You might wonder why we need this, as it seems like common sense. But if common sense were enough more people would be employing these principles now. We’ve been trained by the bad habits of corporate culture to turn away from the anger of alienated customers reacting to an environment where it’s common place for companies to hide behind phone trees, avoid fault, and employ anonymous and in-human call centers that makes them hard if not impossible to reach. Or by engaging in practices like price-gauging and issuing confusing bills and policies.

We’ve signed the pact and we’d love to encourage you to do the same – head over to today and get involved! You can also read Get Satisfaction’s full post here.

Company-Customer Pact

2 thoughts on “The Company-Customer Pact

  1. I am sorry but my experience with your get satisfaction page is not what I want as a customer. It is combination of time consuming window dressing and suggests that as a client with a simple set of needs, I am forced to enter into a relationship and that if I go through that my reward will be your attention. Has it occurred to you that I just want my service (pbwiki’s, for simple use on different topics with different users and output?

  2. Russell,

    We definitely understand that Get Satisfaction isn’t perfect. After all, it is a startup, and it’s still changing rapidly. But one of the things we have to do in order to provide a free service without advertising or popups is to control our support costs. That means we need to find a way to involve our community in support, which is what Get Satisfaction does.

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