Key Challenge facing Customer Service Executives

Organizations of all sizes share one common problem: cohesiveness

The decision making has become highly fragmented – from marketing, to sales, to engineering, to services and so on.

This makes sense from an internal perspective because we need to measure individual efficiency and productivity – we’ve been running this way since the first assembly line was produced. Of course, there are some benefits to this approach:

  • Payrolls are down
  • Efficiency is high
  • Profits are good

The problem is that the improvements are inwards focused and don’t lend themselves to creating metrics around the customer experience. Customer service managers have a hard time getting customer service improvements prioritized properly – database upgrades, infrastructure, security, etc – these things eat up 99% of the customer service budget.

So how do we solve this?

Find ways to enhance customer service capabilities without scrambling for capital expenditure approvals and without bugging IT. This benefits the customer and the IT manager – SaaS is perfect for this. More appropriately, PBwiki is perfect for this.

We know most customer service related deployments take time. Integration and system change take time – with complex customer service systems, it can take months and even years to get things running properly. Instead, use PBwiki to centralize your product information, best practices or other proprietary knowledge so that your workforce is empowered.

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