Thank you — PBwiki 2.0 Beta Users

Over the past couple weeks our users have been hard at work testing all the great new features in PBwiki 2.0. We’ve received a ton of positive feedback –

“I find the UI to be something that both engineers and graphic designers would love.”

“Well done folks, even more straight forward than your ‘Point and Click’ editor.”

“It’s a beautiful site, really easy to use. Awesome that you’ve made it freely available.”

More than that our beta testers have helped us identify and squash a bucketful of bugs and made dozens of excellent suggestions for ways we can make PBwiki 2.0 even better.

I’m the guy who gets to read all your Beta Feedback and I wanted to say thanks to all our users for exploring PBwiki 2.0 so thoroughly. Also I wanted to give you just an idea of the long list of bugs that have been fixed thanks to you:

  • There are now templates for new pages
  • Linking to email addresses is fixed
  • Page history is retrievable for all pages
  • It’s easy to delete comments
  • Email addresses are not visible to anonymous users
  • Readers and Writers can not delete pages

This is a small sample from a mountain of help you’ve given us. All thanks to our fabulous beta testers!

If you haven’t yet seen a PBwiki 2.0 Beta wiki, create one now!

2 thoughts on “Thank you — PBwiki 2.0 Beta Users

  1. I have 2 private wikis and don’t know if they are 1.0 or 2.0.

    I probably have 2 accounts with pbwiki – I just created one and can’t remember the original one I set up. I am unable to login with the new one.

    The users on my wikis are no longer receiving notifications when a change is made. Why? And what can be done?

    thank you

  2. Jill,

    This is a great question for the support team. I’ve already forwarded your question to them, so you should hear from them shortly. Thanks for reading The Daily Peanut!


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