Announcing the Executive's Guide to Seven Wiki Essentials

Today we’re announcing an executive’s guide to the 7 must-have elements of every successful wiki initiative. It’s perfect for executives and project managers introducing collaboration solutions into the workplace.

This guide to seven proven wiki essentials distills best practices, lessons learned, and collective insights from PBwiki’s 30,000+ business customers—as well as industry experts—across various company sizes, geographies, and vertical markets.

Here’s a sample page for you to check out (click to enlarge):

Download the free white paper here.

One thought on “Announcing the Executive's Guide to Seven Wiki Essentials

  1. I downloaded your paper – some interesting thoughts in it.

    However, someone forgot to check the Company-Customer Pact, PBWiki advocates.

    In the adoption section you espouse “A carrot and stick approach.”

    You must be kidding? Have we regressed to using draconian management styles in the context of new technology?

    I understand you inherently want to push product, but have you forgotten the lessons of kindergarten as have so many other middle managers? Bees come to honey!

    “Lets offer the troops a small prize for adopting our newfangled X (in this case wiki software,) or offer them punitive measures for not jumping on our latest collaboration hoohaa.” Come on, I am all for the sweeteners, but if my crew of malcontents resists a new system, I am at fault as a manager and leader for not having consulted the team and gained a culture of buy-in prior to the implementation.

    I categorically object to the stick approach as adversarial in nature and contrary to the pact, not to mention it being anathema to best practices in management of workforce and corporate culture. At the very least this approach is manipulative I quote your paper, “tie usage to highly desirable results, the most popular of which is to include wiki adoption as a performance review metric.”

    I have been dabbling with the concept of wiki implementation for a while, but if the best a wiki vendor can do is offer me advice on forcing it down the throats of an intelligent workforce; I really need to question why I feel it necessary to be “forced” on them.

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