Do wikis make a difference in the way students collaborate?

As more universities adopt web 2.0 technology, administrators want to know exactly how students are using these tool and what benefits they bring. Campus Technology addressed this question in their latest article “Wikis, Blogs, & More, Oh My!’

Here are two different ways Universities are using wikis, and their results:

Professor Kane at Boston University encourages students to submit their own exam questions via his Exam Question Workspace wiki. In a year, students submitted a whopping 600 questions overall.

At SUNY-Delhi, CIO Patrick Masson uses wikis to assist in policy decision-making. Masson says user response to this approach has been overwhelming. Over the course of one month, the school’s president made 73 edits, the coordinator of online learning made 58, the chair of budget and planning made 31, and the vice president of student housing made 29.

Here are three more suggestions from PBwiki educators:

Create a community for new students – Dr. Whelan suggests using the wiki to develop a comprehensive set of resources to help newly arriving international students learn more about school, the culture of our country and people they can turn to. He reports that, “the wiki is being used by people all around the country and really facilitates long distance collaboration.”

FAQ Site: Jim W. set up a Frequently Asked Questions page regarding his online class on Internet Resources, then asked my graduate students to both ask and answer the questions. He says, “Believe it or not, the FAQ started as a blank page. Students provided all the questions, answers, and organization/classification themselves.”

Support site for presentations — Dan M created a wiki to support numerous staff development workshops he does with educators in the US and Australia. He creates wikis as support sites for presentations and workshops.

How are you using your PBwiki?

2 thoughts on “Do wikis make a difference in the way students collaborate?

  1. We are using our wiki as a book shadowing site for the Carnegie 2008 Gold Medal shortlist. We are also linked in with the local girls school so the students can chat through their books with students from another school whenever they want to collaborate. It’s fantastic, and the students love using it.

  2. Great to look inside a company as a user. Thanks.

    I got a Flip, too. But how did you get such great balance in the audio? Did you set up the Flip in any particular way.

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