Coming in July — Bay Area Customer Meeting

Learn how to create a comprehensive collaboration strategy, including specific tactics to make your wiki successful within your organization.

Join us July 8th at 6:00PDT in Menlo Park to meet the PBwiki senior team and hear expert advice from successful customers — plus, get a future roadmap of PBwiki key features.

This event is limited to only 50 people and will give individuals the chance to learn:

  • Customer tips for driving explosive wiki adoption
  • Expert demos and live feature previews from senior PBwiki engineers
  • Actionable advice from one of PBwiki’s most successful users

Spaces are limited, so register today.

3 thoughts on “Coming in July — Bay Area Customer Meeting

  1. Any chance of the roadmp being made available on line for non USA customers to access? Also will write ups/podcast/ ppt be available after the event for those who can’t attend so we don’t miss out on any useful information?
    keep up the good work,

  2. Best of luck with the event, guys. By the way I think you’re doing an amazing job fostering understanding of the wiki’s potential to the enterprise. I’m an advocate of their use, but I particularly admire your hosted model, which provides not only the application but also a sort of “utilization roadmap”.

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