PBwiki Biggest Loser Challenge

Late last week in the office we had a discussion about weight loss. From this conversation we developed the PBwiki Biggest Loser challenge. For a $100 ante, PBwiki employees can enter into this 60 day challenge to be the biggest loser.

We wouldn’t be PBwiki if we didn’t somehow incorporate a wiki into this challenge. We use a wiki to track our progress, trash talk each other, and log our exercise goals and food intake.
  • The page template tool allowed us to easily create an exercise log for each participating employee.
  • Because the wiki is private I don’t need to worry that every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Internet knows my current weight and how many chocolate chip cookies I just had to have for breakfast this morning.
  • Email notifications of wiki changes are a great motivating factor – when I’m feeling like staying home and watching TV, I get an update saying that a colleague has done the treadmill and it gets me over to the gym.

The PBwiki Biggest Loser challenge runs until Monday August 25th. Watch out PBwiki, I’m going to win!

UPDATE: Wow! The responses to my blog post about the PBwiki Biggest Loser challenge have been awesome! For everyone who is looking for the spreadsheet we used, it’s actually just a simple formula:
Total weight loss divided by the starting weight times 100.

You can see the table we used here: http://pbwikibiggestloser.pbworks.com/Spreadsheet
(By the way, this is a private wiki. I made this one page public using the new Page Security tools from PBwiki 2.0). Good luck on your own challenges!

58 thoughts on “PBwiki Biggest Loser Challenge

  1. Great idea, kudos for corporate health initiative.. may want to throw in the hundredpushups.com challenge in there as well.

    some of us PHP folks setup a group on facebook and are doing something similar..

  2. HI

    I have no idea how I happened on this wiki but I read that you are involved with the Biggest Loser Challenge. I was involved in my school’s BL Challenge and won $75 as the winner of my building. I know that’s not the reason to join the Challenge but I wanted to wish all involved, where ever you are, good luck. It’s so much “easier” to participate in this type of challenge with others who have the same goal: To get healthy!

    PS Where are you anyway or is this Livonia Central School???
    Good Luck

  3. I have an Excel Spreadsheet that will calculate the percentage of your weight loss for your Biggest Loser contest. I would love to email it to you for your contest. Contact me if you would like for me to send it as an attachment.

  4. Lori, could you e-mail that spreadsheet to me? Our office would like to start a Biggest Loser Challenge…do you have any specific rules your office uses?

  5. We have started a Biggest Loser contest where I work but I am HORRIBLE with formulas. Would you be so kind as to send me your copy? It would be MOST appreciated!



  6. A few friends and I had already started something like this a while back. Wouldn’t mind a copy of that Excel spreadsheet, though. Thanks.

  7. To calculate your weight-loss percentage:
    – Subtract your starting weight from your new weight, and
    – Divide that number by your starting weight.

    – Say you weighed 200 pounds when you started dieting.
    – Now say your new weight, after dieting for a while, is 180 pounds.
    – Your weight-loss percentage = (180-200)/200 = -0.10 = -10%.

    I hope this helps!

  8. We are trying to start one at work too.. but I’m female and short and the rest are guys..how can we calculate fairly?

  9. Do you guys know this formual? I think it goes
    weight divide by 2.2 X .9 X 24. Ten you can – 500 calories to lose weight.
    Does anyone know if this is right?

  10. For everyone who is looking for the spreadsheet we used, it’s actually just a simple formula:
    Total weight loss divided by the starting weight times 100.

    You can see the table we used here: http://pbwikibiggestloser.pbwiki.com/Spreadsheet
    (By the way, this is a private wiki. I made this page public using the new Page Security tools from PBwiki 2.0). Good luck on your own challenges!

  11. me and my family are having a biggest loser competiion and i have an excel worksheet. how do i do that on there? email if u have the answer, thanks!

  12. I have created a great spreadsheet for excel for the biggest loser at my place of work.

    Each week iafter you enter your weight, it calculates: BMI, pounds lost and percent lost.

    email me if you want a copy.


  13. Oh and I forgot to say, you can edit it for your weeks. Our contest starts on Jan 14. We each paid 10 dollars. Winner gets 60%, 1st place runner up gets 30% and the 2nd place gets 10%.

    Just a little incentive.


  14. Could please send a spread sheet on calculating % of body fat. I am starting up the program at my club and don’t know where to begin.

  15. Tina,
    when you get a chance, I would love a copy. We are doing this at work with about 8 people and even though it shows the formula to use, I still can’t set it up. Thanks, Liz

  16. Tina,

    I would love a copy of the spreadsheet too if its not too much trouble. Also, I have family in several states. I suggested we do a “biggest loser” contest. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the contest work since everyone is scattered all over the place?

    Thanks for any help!

  17. Hi Tina, I would love to have a copy of that spreadsheet. It sounds exactly what I am looking for . . . Can you please email that to me when you get a second.
    Thanks 🙂 Christy

  18. Hi. Can somebody send me the spreedsheet? I created on for only me, but I don’t know how to do it so I can keep track of my entire team. Thanks.

  19. Hi Guys,

    We are looking at doing this competition to raise money for charity.
    Could someone send us the spreadsheet.

    Thanks so much,


  20. I need this spread sheet as well. Can somebody send it to me please. My family dose a biggest looser each year and I have to write it all in by hand. This would be so helpful. Thank you

  21. Hello,
    Just like everyone else here I am looking for a simple spread sheet to calculate this stuff for a competition at work to raise money for Relay for Life. Please send me one… thanks a bunch!

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