It doesn't have to be so hard

10 Nov

Before joining the team at PBwiki, I co-founded a small internet startup in the entertainment industry. After a time of blood, sweat and tears, we were finally getting acquired by a larger start-up company. Needless to say, we were ecstatic and eager to get the process started.

Being a very small organization when we started, we didn’t have a lot of processes in place. Communication is less of an issue with fewer players. Unfortunately, the company acquiring us didn’t have much of a structure for us to adopt either, and things got very messy, very quickly. We tried to set up a weekly call, but poor attendance really limited the efficiency of those. We’d send a multitude of emails, but decisions, deadlines, and vital data would get lost or passed over. In short, it was a nightmare.

If I were writing this as a sales pitch, I would tell you now about how PBwiki solved all of our problems; I’m not, and it didn’t. What it did do was provide a great first step to getting things on track. We still send emails that get lost and wiki’s can’t make people attend conference calls, but they do provide a place to document all the decisions and progress that get made. There is no dispute about where the project is going or what both parties agreed upon. We have a clear source of truth to refer to.

PBwiki created a solution to get the project moving. It helped us to simplify a process that was getting much more complicated than it needed to be.  If only PBwiki could be used in all areas of life…

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