The Final Showdown

Some of our frequent blog readers will recall the PBwiki Biggest Loser Challenge. During this challenge PBwiki employees learned a lot about themselves. We learned how great it felt to eat right, work out, and lose weight. We also learned how fiercely competitive the team is here in the office! Trash talking, sabotage attempts through delicious baked goods, and mind games.

It’s been a few months, and sadly some of the weight has crept back on. Without the push of the challenge, we’re not quite as tempted to hit the gym, avoid PBwiki cupcake treats or stay away from the delicious caloric beverages in the PBwiki fridge. That being said, PBwiki’s VP of Marketing, Chris Yeh, and yours truly have decided to start up our own weight loss challenge – the Final Showdown.

You can track our progress on our weight loss wiki, read our blogs posts about this adventure here, or you can contribute to the winnings and help raise the stakes. Don’t forget to vote on the wiki for your favorite pick for winner!

Starting today at 9am, it’s on!


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