Official Announcement – We're changing our name!

When PBwiki launched in 2005, our founder David was excited to build a fast and easy way to create a wiki. He even named the company PBwiki – because starting your own wiki was ‘as easy as making a Peanut Butter sandwich’.

In fact, it’s still easy to use our product, and you can definitely create your own workspace in less time than it takes to make the proverbial PB&J…especially if you have to dig around in the pantry to find the peanut butter.

We spent much of the next few years answering questions like, “What’s a wiki?” and “How can I use one in my school or organization?” But over the past year, we’ve noticed a change. These days, we get far fewer questions about how to use a wiki, and a more questions about specific ways that our collaboration tools can meet specific needs.

We’ve spent so much time talking with users and building features that people asked for –Access Controls, Document Management, Mobile Edition– that it’s become increasingly difficult to claim that we’re just a wiki company.

In fact when we asked our users how they use PBwiki, here’s what they say:

“[PBwiki] proved to be a key resource for our support staff…we centralized the vast organizational knowledge around the implementation in a single place.” – RBC

“We use PBwiki to manage workflow.” – Top Fortune 100 business user

“I use my PBwiki as a better alternative to a course management system” –edwebb

We’ve gone far beyond the traditional concept of wiki functionality, and as a result, the name “PBwiki” doesn’t reflect how we think of ourself – or how our users think of us.

Next month we have some big changes that we will be announcing, and one of them is a new name and logo. Yes folks, the peanut butter sandwich is going into retirement.

Your workspace will remain exactly the same – with the same features and login information. And we will always be an easy-to-use solution that you can depend on, with great free products. But we hope you’re excited about all the additional things we’ll be bringing you.

For more information about about what changes you’ll be seeing, check out our PBwiki FAQ.

Before we say good bye to our Peanut Butter Sandwich, we want to have some fun. Guess our new name, and we’ll send you a soon-to-be vintage PBwiki t-shirt. In fact, you don’t even have to guess correctly! We’ll also give out PBwiki t-shirts to the most creative and interesting suggestions.

Take your best guess here!

129 thoughts on “Official Announcement – We're changing our name!

  1. Woah! it sure is a big change.

    I´ve been with PBWiki for a few years now and have enjoyed every moment of the ride.
    Look forward to what you guys have in store. You have always delivered good results, I see no reason why this time should be any different.

    Glad to make this transition, too.

  2. It’ll take a while to get used to for you guys. It’s like when you’re first married – you sign your name wrong for the next couple of months, keep saying “boyfriend”, have to change all your bank cards and your phone bill…

    Still, it’s a positive change, and it’s good to hear that you’re ready to officially change your focus.

  3. I’ve been with PBWiki for a few years now too. And loved all the improvements/innovations you’ve passed on so far.

    Just a quick question — what about all the great getting started videos created for PBwiki. I’m just in the process of introducing some very ICT shy teachers to your product and am relying on the clarity of the videos to help them through their introduction. Will you be removing the videos because of the name change? They’ve been so helpful so far please consider keeping them on (with a bit of rebadging?).

    Look forward to whatever else you have in store for us.
    Many thanks,

  4. No Way, I am doing my PhD about PBwiki in Education, I just finished chapter 3. Now, I need to redo it 😦

  5. Good luck. You’ve continually amazed me by bringing technology and tools to reluctant explorers. You mave my job easier and I look forward to the next chapter.

  6. I have loved my wiki! It has been great in the classroom for both the children and my parents. I hope that it stays as easy to use and update!

    Possible name??? CCC/as easy as eating a chocolate chip cookie!

  7. Oh No!! I like PBWiki! It says a lot and clearly indicates the function, ease of use and ultimate satisfaction of creating a Wiki. I have a class of elder learners who use our Wiki and once we got beyond “what is a Wiki?” and “what does PB mean?” they have adapted to the Wiki well.

    If you want to indicate that you are more than just a Wiki I guess we could go to PB&JellyWiki

    Thanks for a great product by the way!!

  8. You guys are so creative, it is going to be difficult to wait to see what changes you have come up with.

  9. I reckon the pbwiki team are cool. Great site, one of my projects loves it so much that their entire community can’t get enough.
    What about changing to something like…


  10. PBwiki is changing its name.
    There is no apostrophe.
    It’s = it is
    its = possessive form
    common error people make because ‘s is thought of as a possessive

    Example: the tree is losing its leaves — this is correct
    *the tree is losing it’s (it is) leaves – this is incorrect


  11. How will this change all the wiki names and URLs? What about my.pbwiki?

    New name- wikilicious- tastier than just peanut butter

  12. I have several PB wikis, so this will be interesting… By the way – just a gentle note that educators (to whom you appeal) will notice that PBWiki is changing its (not it’s) name…

  13. We are nearly at the end of school. How will this change affect how my students access the class wiki and post the assignments I have requested. If you change the URL, some of the students will be terribly confused. Will it automatically reroute? Do I need to publicize the new URL?
    School ends the end of May.

  14. This is off topic but I thought I’d bring it up. One major flaw of pbwiki is you — must — be connected to the internet. One solution to this is Google Gears. If you have gmail, the offline implementation is quiet excellent. Obviously this would require a good deal of programing on your teams part but would enable clients to get work done anywhere, anytime, and then “sync” the changes.

    Ok, Hopefully this idea will make up for my lack of creativity with PBwiki’s new name 😛

  15. You might consider redirecting back to your page after the survey on surveymonkey. I wouldn’t have known I was clicking away from your site if I was brought back to one of your pages after submitting for the shirt. Just a thought.

  16. Our students love pbwiki! Regardless of the name, they’ll continue to eat it up! Thanks for making such an awesome product available to educators. We’ve been impressed each time you make changes–it’s as if you’ve read our minds about what we need. Keep up the great work.

  17. Wish you wouldn’t change the name. pbwiki is so easy to remember! Maybe you should change it to something like wackiwiki.

  18. Wish you wouldn’t change the name. pbwiki is so easy to remember! Maybe you should change it to something like wackiwiki.

  19. How about “Giggle”. You offer a similar range of services (to you know who) plus you have a whole load of fun along the way!

    PS Thanks for making it so easy to play, learn, share…

  20. Since this product is used heavily by educators, I’m probably not the first, but:

    “its name,” not “it’s name,” is correct.

    The possessive pronoun “its” doesn’t take an apostrophe (as doesn’t his, hers, etc.).

    PS I love the site anyway!

  21. A new name, for a great site…hhhmmmmm… How about pb&j (for jelly of course). Keep it simple, and the best to all of you. Ed

  22. WoW, I have been using Pbwiki since 2005 and me and my students love it. It will take some time to getting used to a new name and logo, but I am sure it will be for the best.

  23. Since you’re expanding so much, the new name has to be either Wikicordian, Dagwood, or KitchenSink.

  24. Just wondering if you plan on implementing a re-direct for a period of time after the switch – I manage several collaborative wikis that might have widely distributed links and bookmarks to them from the wilds. Waiting with bated breath for the big reveal!

  25. I am really pleased to see people moving on from the outdated label of a wiki. I never liked the word lol.
    The terms of reference are all changing so rapidly and technological advances have resulted in the barriers to entry falling away.

    The same goes for ‘websites’ web 2.0 and blogs…..

    No guess – but multifunctional with a hint of semantics 😉

  26. Hmmm…
    “PB” was kind of cool…for people who lived in the US.
    I’m writing from Brussels, Europe, and I can tell you that the rest of the world pretty much ignores what PB or even “peanut butter sandwich” mean, so it’s a good idea to change !

    My guess will be a name with something “social” or “collective”.
    I believe “” or “” would be perfect. (disclaimer: I own these domains, but would be ready to discuss a sale 😉

  27. This is exciting! We are currently going through the same thing with our business as a result of a change in direction that we did not expect. Someone recently told me that if you are not moving, you are going backwards. Happy to be moving ahead with you since pbwiki is a big part of our daily lives.

  28. The other problem with pbwiki is that a PB&J is a US cultural artifact and meaningless in many other countries … it took me ages to figure out what on earth your brand was all about. Good idea to move on.

  29. I’ve only been with pbwiki for a school year now but I love it! I love that it is web based and I can work on my website no matter what computer I am at! I love that students and parents can go to my website to check their grade, assignments, and news updates! No more excuses of “I didn’t know!” I’m excited to see what other awesome things the new PBwiki will bring all our way!

    My guess for the new website??: or

  30. Very clever:
    You haven’t come up with a name yet, so you want your creative users to come up with a name. If one of the users comes up with a name you really like you will announce that he “guessed it”, rather than announce that he thought of it in the first place. Doing it your way protects you from being obliged to give anything other than a vintage t-shirt.
    PS: I use your free service. If I came up with the name I wouldn’t expect or want anything beyond what you are currently charging me (zero).

  31. More than a wiki? How about Everything but the Kitchen Sink?

    Thanks for making this great tool even better!

  32. I’ve become a wiki evangelist and PBwiki is the one I use most and the one I recommend most often. PBwiki is doing all the right things and I wish you success as you evolve to reflect a changing internet community.

  33. A year ago I explained why, though I enjoy the wiki product, I found the name an odd bland blend of of kidulthood, insular Americanism, and food toxins.

    Name guesses:
    *something internationally meaningful, a symbol with global power
    *something internationally meaningless, i.e. a blankness onto which we can all project whatever we want
    *a backronym of “wiki” — Worldwide Integrated Knowledge, Inc. (hey! that’s good! I said it first!)

    Good luck with whatever you have decided on. And may I be permitted to wish a happy 250th birthday, via you, to Mary Wollstonecraft: learn, earn, read, write, teach, travel, love, live! She would have thrived on the power of getting her message out there, promoting education and revolutionary equality (including the American one, from England, which was a little bit, you know, treasonous).

    I am happy to see you are changing!

  34. It’s Friday at my alternative high school, so I’m not at my creative best. My kids would say you should call yourself “The Hood,” but I don’t think all your business users would understand!
    You will probably choose a name that conveys the idea of a “Gathering” or a “Group” (where people share ideas and info), but it sounds like people are also using your wikispaces for directing activities so you need something like “Core Central” or “The Brain,” but those names are too heavy.
    It should be interesting to see what you come up with. For my part, I have just now started using wikis, so I hope it is something that is easy to remember so I can type it!
    Good luck,

  35. I smell a conspiracy (funny, it smells like peanut butter). I don’t think they have a new name and I think the survey is their way to find a new name.

  36. Have just been introduced to your PBwiki via a professional development class. Our administration is really pushing the use of wikis in the classroom. It’s not real difficult to use–I just need a few more hours in the day to play with it. I like the name wiki–how about — wikifortoday!

  37. I manage a wiki for users who are over 65. They area going to flip out at a name change (not in a good way). Will the URL change? Please help us make the transition easy!

  38. Hmm. I like Peanut Butter but ok, I think it should be “imakeverythingeasierforteachersandstudentswiki”. What do you think?

  39. Since it is “easy as pie” to use, how about PiWiki? Too bad this wasn’t brought out on 3/14.

  40. It would be a mistake to lose “wiki.” I’ve used PBwiki on a couple of projects and I can’t imagine not being able to say ‘check the wiki,’ or ‘post it to the wiki.’ It’s part of the online work flow parlance now. Don’t lose “wiki!”

  41. this would be fun except that we’re producing training and marketing materials now. i understand that the old URL will continue to work, but none of our target audience is following along so closely. if we end up having to publicize the old name some portion of the conversations we inspire will be about confusion over the URL instead of talking about our content. my team is asking me for clear answers. please tell us exactly when the new name will be announced. Or even better just announce it.

  42. Since you want to be the provider for all your wiki and wiki-related needs, how about something along these lines: “WikiJunction,” “WikiHub,” “WikiConnect,” “WikiBase,”or “WikiCentral” ?

  43. Or, perhaps the name “WikiCity” or “Wikicity” would give you an interesting blend by suggesting the “essence” of “wikiness” (E.g., “The wickicity of Austin’s website was truly phenomenal!”) with the sense of a active, thriving, “urban” center… But, of course, you would have then touched off the eternal (useless, but fun) debate about whether it is really pronounced “wi KI city” or “WIki CIty”…

  44. i got different pbwiki’s such as …. there is an update that we must to do, there is the risk to lose the job, or not ?

  45. but it really was a fantastic analogy. it’s as easy as… got me hooked, especially since it wAs easy.

    does this mean you’re going to get all corporate and snooty? because knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    oh well, keep up the good work – you’ve been doing just fine so far.

    🙂 mx

  46. How about “The Full Monty wiki”?

    I read the old links will be redirected to the new ones.
    But I was wondering, for how long will this be the case, 1 year, 10 years, forever?

  47. a quick question, is the reason you are changing the name is to get around the fact that you are being blocked in China? I am thinking aobut leaving pBwiki because half of my team is in China and I can not get them the information which defeats the purpose. If you think the name change will solve this I will hang in there since I really like the software and ease.

  48. How ’bout World Wide Wiki, Wide World of Wiki, Wiki World? I need something to make the new name stick. Maybe something like Stiki Wiki.

  49. I have enjoyed using the wiki in my classroom. I have six classes and we used the wiki with our pen pals in MI and NY. I am looking for some other progressive teachers (Middle School) who would like to expand their learning environment. Any takers?

    I think the new name should be DISCOVERwiki because you never know what is available until you get out there and discover it. My students and I will miss the PBwiki. Adios friend, J

  50. How about “wikiplex”
    googleplex + wiki
    expansive + fast

    O anuda wun
    “Wiggle” or “Woogle”
    Wiki + google

    any wai, gud jawb gaiz.

    Cool language…
    I has it

  51. OK, when it was PBWiki, the casual visitor would say, “I know what a Wiki is, so that gives me a clue to its general purpose, but what’s the PB part?” – so the old name had a more-or-less 50% immediate comprehension rating. Now, they’ll say, “What doess PB mean and what does Works refer to?” – so the new name has a more-or-less 0% immediate comprehension rating. Seems like a step away from clarity to me.

  52. The name change is a merely slight inconvenience. I consider pbwiki the center of my online universe, because easy creation of intra-links strikes me as the most important part of any page I want to create. That pbwiki has rivaled google in dedication to continual improvement, just makes life all the sweeter. If pbwiki merely made the creation of websites easier, I would be satisfied, as it stands, I am nearly overwhelmed with gratitude, for what you are doing, for what I plan to do. This has turned into a general “in praise of”, but that is likely to occur in anything I write or say to or about what you do!

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