You think our name should be….

When we announced last week that we were changing our name from PBwiki, thousands of people took their best guess at our new name. More than a few wondered what could possibly be better than Peanut Butter Wiki and only two people guessed the new name – PBworks. Here are some of the more interesting names you suggested:

Hundreds of food related suggestions:

  • Corndog- Because using our site is as good as meat on a stick.
  • BLT – a bit more sophisticated, but still easy!
  • Dagwood- your wiki offers it all
  • (The new “beefed-up” version)
  • OrderOut – even easier than make a PB&J, and tastier to boot!

Several business focused suggestions:

  • AdeptShare – because PBWiki makes anyone adept at sharing data
  • SynergyPlus
  • Infoshare (easy as pie–)
  • GroupShare

Suggestions that made us laugh

  • If you develop a collaborative motion control interface, you could call it Wiikii.
  • The company formerly know as PBwiki
  • Easier Than Falling Off A Log Wiki
  • And, because it’s the internet, we had two votes for ColbertWiki.

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