Summer Camp 2009 – Learn while you earn a free premium upgrade

Last year we asked educators “who wants to build the ultimate classroom wiki and have it ready for the start of the fall semester.” Over 1,500 people responded and took part in the first PBworks Summer Camp.

Check out the responses:

“I want to learn as much as I can about the “free” tools available to educators. This weeks resources page is amazing! I’ve heard and used some of the tools but will make use of many more by they end of the camp. This is awesome!”

“Thank you for all the tools and information you are providing. It is a tremendous help and is saving me a plethora of hours trying to find Internet tools to use in the classroom. I so appreciate what you’re doing.” -p.c.ames

This year we’re hosting the second annual PBworks Summer Camp where educators can learn the best way to structure your classroom site, engage your students with audio and video and connect with experienced wiki mentors.

At the end of the summer, Campers who have followed the program receive a premium upgrade.

PBworks Summer Camp is now closed, pre-register for next year and guarantee a spot!

11 thoughts on “Summer Camp 2009 – Learn while you earn a free premium upgrade

  1. How can one attend the forthcoming Summer Camp or pre-register for the next version?

  2. Would you please verify if I am enrolled if I had not setup my BIO page yet?

    I clicked the link verifying enrollment and was granted access to the camp work site.

  3. Hey!
    I am the Tech Specialist for the elementary schools in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and many of my teachers are taking this summer course. I would love to be able to join them so I can help and “be on the same page” so they can come to me for help. I would be the one who could push for funding for “official” wiki site funding from PBwiki. 🙂 Any way I could get in or on a waiting list?

  4. I was not aware of the dates for the summer camp. When did the camp begin and is it too late for me to regiter???

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