Farewell to the BubbleShare Plugin

As the users of BubbleShare already know, BubbleShare.com will no longer provide free photo hosting after November 15, 2009. The site will be taken down and all links to albums and photos will cease to exist. (Read the official announcement here)

In light of this news, PBworks will no longer offer the BubbleShare plugin. On November 15, all BubbleShare slideshow photos embeded on PBworks will no longer display the associated images.

This only applies to photos that were embedded with the BubbleShare slideshow — all other images that have been uploaded or embedded on your workspace will not be affected.

We’re sad to see BubbleShare close their virtual doors and wish them the best of luck.

For those of you who want a slideshow on your workspace, check out Slide.com or one of the dozens of plugins listed on our plugin resource page.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this short video on how to make a slideshow using Slide.com.

One thought on “Farewell to the BubbleShare Plugin

  1. Yea, Bubbleshare is offline and too bad about the plugin, but as you mentioned in the post, there are a few dozen sites with very similar functionality.

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