PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2

I do a lot of cross browser testing as part of my job as Gentleman of Quality (Head of QA) here at PBworks and I keep a close eye on which browsers our users are adopting and which ones are fading away. I’m pleased to announce that we’re adding support for Google Chrome, an excellent browser that is rapidly becoming the standard for high performance on the web. In addition I’m glad to see the vast majority of Firefox users have upgraded to the latest version of that browser. If you haven’t done so already (and just over 1% of our users have not) please take a moment to upgrade. PBworks will no longer fix bugs that appear exclusively in Firefox 2.

Modern browsers are faster, more secure, and much more helpful. We understand there are a number of you who are still forced to use ancient, dangerous, and painfully buggy browsers such as IE6, but overall the adoption of new browsers has been surprisingly quick.

(Note: We are still supporting IE6, since many corporate IT departments mandate it, but if you have a choice to upgrade to IE8 or another modern browser, we *strongly* recommend that you exercise that choice!)

PBworks is excited about the possibilities that modern browsers allow for and want all of our users to share in those benefits. Upgrade your browser today:

Google Chrome
Firefox 3.5
Internet Explorer 8

Ian Danforth
Gentleman of Quality

2 thoughts on “PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2

  1. For many years “modern browser” meant “Opera” and it continues to mean it today. Until PBWorks starts support Opera, all talk about your “excitement” is disingenuous.

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