Changes to the Toolbar – New Insert Menu

This week we simplified the toolbar and made changes to they way you can add plugins, horizontal lines and tasks.

Now instead of surfing through a confusing menu of plugin options (hey, what’s a plugin!), you can now quickly chose from the most highly used options. Additionally, for Business Edition users, we’ve now made it super easy for you to insert tasks on your workspace pages.

We’re also introducing a new way to add links on your workspace pages. You no longer have to chose what your linking to (URL, wiki page, file), instead just begin to type and PBworks will offer a list of existing  pages and files on your workspace.

For Business Edition users, you can now easily link between multiple workspaces.

Tell us what you think of these changes, leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Changes to the Toolbar – New Insert Menu

  1. Great updates, as usual. True word-processor functionality will, however, be elusive until there is a shortcut key for footnotes. Thanks!

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