Introducing Personal Workspaces

12 Jan

Yesterday, PBworks celebrated the new year by introducing our first major feature of 2012: Personal Workspaces.

A number of our customers told us that they wanted to use PBworks as a place where their employees could store their stuff–files, documents, brainstorms, etc.  One customer even went so far as to dedicate a member of their team to creating a “personal dropbox” for every one of their employees.

To meet this need, we’re introducing Personal Workspaces.

Every business user now has their own Personal Workspace.  While each Personal Workspace includes all the key features of a regular workspace, like wiki pages, folders, and files, they also include special adaptations for their specific purpose.

1) Personal Workspaces are accessible from any screen.

Just go to the Account drop-down menu, and your Personal Workspace will be the first link shown.

2) Personal Workspaces are personal.

While you can access your Personal Workspace from any screen, no one else will even see it.  Network Administrators can join a Personal Workspace, but doing so will alert the owner of the Personal Workspace to the intrusion.

3) You can move items from your Personal Workspace to other workspaces.

Thanks to Move Between Workspaces, you can move a page or file from your Personal Workspace to another workspace.  This lets you use your Personal Workspace for rough drafts or private work, then move the finished product to a more public location.

To learn more about Personal Workspaces, visit our User Manual.

2 Responses to “Introducing Personal Workspaces”

  1. Tracy Campbell Parks January 12, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Well using a retro term, PBWORKS is just the “bomb”…what a great feature, thank you!


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    […] If you haven’t done so already, try out our new Personal Workspace functionality.  And because you’re always the administrator of your own Personal Workspace, you can easily […]

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