New and Improved Tagging

6 Mar

After we redesigned the PBworks business products, we realized that tagging didn’t really fit well with the other page or file actions (rename, move, control access).  All of the other actions were links that led to the appropriate dialogue box; in contrast, the tagging interface displayed a list of tabs, and allowed you to edit them.  Both these differences (tags are displayed as page or file properties, tags are editable on the page itself) made tagging an inconsistent part of the user interface.

Therefore, we’ve improved the tagging interface by making it both more consistent and easier to use.  Tags now appear between the content and the comments:

This placement puts the tags next to their closest relatives, the comments.  We’ve also improved the tagging interface.  Now, rather than relying on commas to delineate your tags, you can add them (and remove them) one by one.

For more details on how to work with the new tagging interface, visit our user manual.

One Response to “New and Improved Tagging”

  1. Jason March 7, 2012 at 4:13 am #

    Very logical, but we are getting to the point where screen realestate is getting smaller and smaller for the actual content.

    Would be great if we could layout areas, e.g. I would put comments and Tags side by side. On most of our screens nether have anything in them.

    Keep up the good work JAC.

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