Automated Amazon S3 Backup Is Going Premium

As of July 3, 2014, the automated Amazon S3 backup will become a premium feature.  This means that it will be a separate add-on line item in your PBworks paid subscription. Don’t worry, if you are currently using this feature to back up your PBworks network to your corporate S3 account, we will grandfather inContinue reading “Automated Amazon S3 Backup Is Going Premium”

Security Announcement: PBworks is safe from “Heartbleed”

As you may have heard, many websites and services have a major security issue named “Heartbleed” The short answer is that your information is safe, PBworks is not affected, and you do not need to take any actions (e.g. changing passwords). If you are interested in the details, you can read on. A major securityContinue reading “Security Announcement: PBworks is safe from “Heartbleed””

Introducing Network-wide Page and File Types

One of the long-standing features of PBworks is the ability to create page (and file) templates simply by tagging .  These templates allow you to standardize the content on a workspace.  For example, you can create a “Meeting Note” template that you can use whenever you set up a new meeting, rather than having toContinue reading “Introducing Network-wide Page and File Types”

Introducing New Property Types

One of the unique features of PBworks is the ability to combine structured and unstructured information.  A typical workspace contains a lot of unstructured information (wiki pages and files), but both the workspace and specific items of content can be associated with structured information (properties). PBworks properties can take the form of a drop-down list,Continue reading “Introducing New Property Types”

PBworks Phasing Out IE8 Support Starting 1/31/2014

In March 2009, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 8.  At the time, the browser was state of the art.  Today, over 4.5 years later, IE8 is looking dated, and the usage numbers reflect it. In the broad market, IE8 now has less than 10% market share, and we see a similar proportion in our own statistics. Continue reading “PBworks Phasing Out IE8 Support Starting 1/31/2014”

Introducing Search Improvements

Search has long been one of the most popular and powerful features of PBworks.  Our search engine allows you to search through your entire network, including the text within the files you upload.  You also have the opportunity to “facet” your search results (for example, you can filter the search results so that they onlyContinue reading “Introducing Search Improvements”

What do you do when a giant encroaches on your territory?

This week, Box held its annual conference, BoxWorks 13.  The online storage leader made two big announcements about products it intends to launch in 2014. Box Notes are editable web pages, which users can write, edit, comment on, and embed content within.  Sound familiar? Box also announced that it will be adding metadata to files,Continue reading “What do you do when a giant encroaches on your territory?”

Introducing the Workspaces Gallery View

One of the most popular features we’ve introduced is the Gallery View of files and wiki pages.  This thumbnail view complements the standard list view of files, and makes it easy for you to visually pick out the files you’re looking for. However, files within a workspace aren’t the only list that could benefit fromContinue reading “Introducing the Workspaces Gallery View”

“Talk To The Software”

Sometimes, the best salesperson is an error message. One question that often arises for SaaS companies that sell to the enterprise is whether they should funnel customers through salespeople, or offer a self-service product. Usually, the partisans of the two sides are like opposing factions in a holy war.  The Church of Sales insists thatContinue reading ““Talk To The Software””

Coming August 26: Updated Naming for Roles and Permissions

Here at PBworks, our powerful and flexible system of custom security and user permissions is one of the key capabilities that makes our collaboration suite enterprise-grade.  When you’re a PBworks customer, you have the ability to specify exactly who should be to do what and where. The downside of this highly granular security has beenContinue reading “Coming August 26: Updated Naming for Roles and Permissions”