One of our most creative PBwiki Presenters!

Cindy Lane, an instructional technologist, recently presented at an educational event about PBwiki using our Presenter Packs. Her giveaway was one of the most creative we’ve seen!

Yesterday was my pbwiki event…Half of my teachers had actually gone on and logged in and had contributed to the wiki, so I pulled them up front, gave them each TWO packages of 100 calorie peanut butter cookies and told them to find a teacher that had NOT logged on and teach them how, (and give them a package of cookies).

The big prize (peanut butter stuffed pretzels) went to the first person who had logged on, the Project Peanut Butter rubber bracelet went to the last person that logged on…and the three gold wiki keys (coming my way soon I hope!) went to the first two teachers that emailed me (both did this within the following 2 minutes).

Thanks for taking care of my teachers…as you can see, I love ’em too!! and P B W I K I !!!

Cindy even included a video for her educators:

To get your own PBwiki Presenter Pack (including a free t-shirt, white papers to give to your audience, and 3 free Gold wikis to give away–click here.

One thought on “One of our most creative PBwiki Presenters!

  1. That’s a great idea! However, ‘creative presenters’ like this should be aware of food allergies. Even though I have a life threatening allergy (I’m in my 30’s) to peanuts and other nuts, I still use pbwiki (lol). However, I would have had to leave that room! Then, think about the residue on the keyboards and mice! If you were in a K-12 school…you’d have parents of allergic kids all over your back!

    So – before using ‘food’ prizes, think through it first please and ask ahead if anyone is allergic to any foods (wheat, milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, etc.)

    Otherwise – great idea!

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