Tip of the Week #14: Fix it! I made an oopsy…

Ocassionally, our pages mess up because of a PBwiki bug. If that’s the case, then of course you should let somebody at support@pbworks.com know and they’ll help you get things back to normal. However, a lot of cases are our own doing, and it is sometimes frustrating to see our pages look like a wreckContinue reading “Tip of the Week #14: Fix it! I made an oopsy…”

Tip of the Week #13: Where WAS that page?

Author’s Note: WordPress garbled my code at the bottom of this page for the auto-generated index. It’s fixed now (April 5, 2007). Celebrating National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day really gave me a moment to pause and reflect on the core concepts of PBwiki. Like a PBJ sandwich, PBwiki is about solid, satisfying simplicity, andContinue reading “Tip of the Week #13: Where WAS that page?”

Tip of the Week #12: Identities, part II

I’m a little bit late with this post, but should be back on track this week. Last time, we discussed how to create a PBwiki Identity. Now, we’re gonna take a look at how to best use Identities for two aspects of wiki management, handling multiple wikis with one account and controlling access to aContinue reading “Tip of the Week #12: Identities, part II”

Tip of the Week #11: Creating a PBwiki Identity

Last year, PBwiki rolled out a neat new feature called PBwiki Identities. The general idea was that PBwiki users within the system would be treated as individuals rather than being connected to a specific wiki. This way, a user could manage multiple wikis without keeping track of all the passwords (there was also more controlContinue reading “Tip of the Week #11: Creating a PBwiki Identity”

Tip of the Week #10: Images, Part 2

Jason Nguyen Last week, I gave you some ideas to start optimizing your images for web upload, looking at file size and compression type (JPEG or GIF). This time, we assume that you have your file created and uploaded, and we begin to explore the various ways you can present that image in a page,Continue reading “Tip of the Week #10: Images, Part 2”

Tip of the Week #9: Images, Part I

Jason Nguyen Anybody who designs a website, be it a wiki or any other kind of site, will eventually come to realize that an all-text site is one of the most boring things ever, and although some of that is helped with some well-placed colors and styles, you’ll eventually need some images to spice thingsContinue reading “Tip of the Week #9: Images, Part I”

Tip of the Week #8: Point-and-Click Editor, part 2

Jason Nguyen In last week’s entry, I discussed some of the more basic aspects of the new Point-and-Click editor. This week, we continue exploring the editor, looking at the following aspects (click the links to go directly to that section): Plugins are probably the most powerful of the new additions to PBwiki, and once usedContinue reading “Tip of the Week #8: Point-and-Click Editor, part 2”

Tip of the Week #7: Point-and-Click Editor, part 1

The Point-and-Click editor has received mostly positive feedback since it was unveiled, but of course with all new things, there are some growing pains, both in terms of technical work (bugs) and users’ comfort with the new system. To aid in this cause, I’m offering a two part series on how to get the mostContinue reading “Tip of the Week #7: Point-and-Click Editor, part 1”

Tip of the Week #6: Cross-Browser Design

PBwiki does an amazing job of maintaining cross-browser compatibility in its basic design, so much so that people have told me about editing their wikis from their Blackberries. The designers work hard getting layouts and skins to look the same in every major browser, and for the most part, you’ll never ever have to thinkContinue reading “Tip of the Week #6: Cross-Browser Design”

Tip of the Week #5: Simple Styles for Everyone!

Because the last tip was only really useful to Classic wiki users, I’ve pushed up the next tip on CSS styles to this week. Enjoy! A lot of gibberish gets thrown around by some of the advanced PBwiki users, particularly those with experience in web design, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the code that makesContinue reading “Tip of the Week #5: Simple Styles for Everyone!”