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Example Wiki: SEOmoz Site Intelligence Services API

12 Feb

While we have an entire directory of public PBwikis you can peruse, we do sometimes like to single out a particular PBwiki for praise.

This week, I’d like to place the spotlight on SEOmoz and their Site Intelligence Services API wiki.

The team over at SEOmoz has done a terrific job of customizing and structuring their PBwiki. Let’s highlight some of the things they’ve done:

1) Custom domain name.

apiwiki.seomoz.org is a perfect domain for this site; even just reading the link tells you what it’s going to be about.

2) Custom logo and colors.

Using the SEOmoz logo and matching colors instantly establishes the identity of the wiki.

3) Extremely clear and informative FrontPage.

Weighing in at three paragraphs and five bullet points, the FrontPage does a great job of conveying the essential information, all above the fold to eliminate any need for scrolling.

4) Prominent contact information.

Instructions on how to get help or get in touch are right there on the FrontPage.

5) Critical top-level navigation incorporated into the SideBar.

Bonus points for bolding the “Getting more help” link so that it’s obvious where the confused should turn.

Of course, we already knew that the folks at SEOmoz had good taste…just look at who they gave their Web 2.0 Award for “Best Hosted Wiki”!