Wanted: Javascript Guru

PBwiki is looking to hire a full-time senior-level Javascript programmer.

If you’d like to leave your mark on the largest private wiki host on the Internet, apply to work with our super-tiny, super-fast team of three Stanford grads – we need your rockstar-level Javascript skills on board. Do you want an environment that moves as quickly as you do? A place where a good idea can be implemented and pushed to hundreds of thousands of people in a day? Then join us at PBwiki. We work quickly, address mistakes even quicker, and we say no to anything that infringes upon our first priority: our users.

We love speed and minimalism, so you should too. No dancing Calvins or animated flames here. We seek to shock people with the performance of our clean, smooth, and fast interface. Your prior work should reflect this – the strongest foot-in-the-door is a portfolio of sites displaying your signature style. We’re not looking for SAT scores.

Reasonable candidates will have:

  • A compelling portfolio of clean, elegant, modern sites they have designed.
  • A deep understanding of modern Javascript, including DOM manipulation, AJAX techniques, drag-and-drop, and CSS.
  • Demonstrable experience making modern web applications compatible with Firefox, IE, and Safari.
  • Experience with using “mashups” to overlay data from multiple sources.
  • An understanding of usability, SEO, tags, and minimalism.
  • Basic familiarity with at least one the following: dojo, scriptalicious, prototype, FCKedit, Yahoo! UI Library
  • A solid grounding in design principles and the desire to create compelling, simple interfaces for regular people.
  • Bay Area residency or a willingness to self-relocate.
  • Experience using a wiki and Wikipedia.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Some experience with PHP and Perl.
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Experience with PBwiki.
  • Deep experience with Photoshop and graphic design.
  • HTML layout / Photoshop-fu.
  • Clever tricks to keep Javascript fast.

To get things started, please send us your resume and a portfolio of websites of whose front-end you were responsible. We’d also love to hear what you’d like PBwiki to become and how you think we can evolve.

Published by David Weekly

I like starting things. I founded PBworks (originally PBwiki) and am the cofounder of SuperHappyDevHouse and Hacker Dojo. I advise a dozen startups and am a mentor for Founders Institute, i/o Ventures, and Women 2.0.

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