New feature: Save wiki page to PDF

We quietly rolled out a new feature that lets you save any wiki page as a PDF file. This might be really useful if you have a syllabus (print it out and give it to your class), a resume, a meeting agenda, or almost anything else.

To save your wiki page to PDF, look at the bottom-left box of your wiki for the “Save page as PDF” link. That’s it!

3 thoughts on “New feature: Save wiki page to PDF

  1. By the way, this feature does not yet support international alphabets. The Unicode nature of PBWiki itself allows for editing content in languages which use non-latin characters (Russian, Japanese, whatever) even in page titles, but they all get mixed up when exporting the content to PDF.

    And it is also a pity that the images do not show up in the PDF.

  2. I’m agree with Radaghast Kary. I’m spanish, and i need write text with ling(áéíóú) and with ñ. It’s perfect in the wiki. The problem is when i try to export this information to PDF, that doesn’t work. is possible that you can fix it?


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