Premium users can get more features a la carte

We noticed lots of Premium users asking us how they could get additional features. It happened about 50 times, and then you should have heard the groans in the office. It went something like, “Dear god, how have we not already built this?”

Now Premium users can upgrade to specific a la carte features. Do you just want encryption? No problem. What about lockable pages and hideable pages? Sure. A bonus: If you’re a Premium user and you add an additional feature, it lasts for the lifetime of your wiki.

To add extra features to your Premium wiki, click “Settings” and then “Features.”

2 thoughts on “Premium users can get more features a la carte

  1. What exactly is a hideable page? If I wanted to use my wiki account (Silver) for several groups, and wanted the wiki page for one of those groups not to be available to the other groups, could I hide the page from the rest of them? How does the hideable page feature work?

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