Brief PBwiki outage

We and the rest of the world were unable to access our San Jose data center for a few minutes this evening (around 5pm PST) — apparently somebody bumped the wrong fiber optic cable. Your wiki’s data was completely safe and most users were able to access their wikis at all times.

We’ve discovered a subtle case which could cause those wikis with a tabbed sidebar to be unavailable or to load very slowly during this outage. It’s been fixed in our version control system already, and won’t happen again. We’re taking other measures now to ensure we’re able to better tolerate this kind of rare network problem.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for using PBwiki!

Published by pbwikinathan

I'm the CTO of PBworks, Inc. We help organizations work better as teams with their clients and partners.

One thought on “Brief PBwiki outage

  1. What version control tool are you using? I hope it’s Accurev! We wouldn’t want any further problems. 🙂

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