United Nations and PBwiki Partner to Provide Global Platform for Corporate Responsibility

25 Apr


PBwiki’s mascot, Peebers the Unstoppable Robot of Collaboration (SM), is clanking his way through the august halls of the United Nations today, pressing the flesh and helping to create global corporate accord.

The UN’s Global Compact is devoted to creating an opt-in organization for corporations who wish to be good citizens. The Global Compact is collaboratively creating a governing policy document that outlines the responsibilities of businesses in our increasingly inter-connected world. They have also recently announced the “Communications on Progress.” This is an initiative to collaboratively review the would-be participants for transparency and accountability in terms of the developing standards of the organization.

To our giddy delight (Peebers positively squealed and skipped when he found out, terrifying several members of the the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean who were standing nearby), the Global Compact Office chose PBwiki to provide the platform for the collaborations. We’re helping them discover the best way to use wikis in the service of their goals. This is important, as 4,000 companies and 700 organizations from over 100 countries are involved.

Jeff Senne, Communications on Progress Manager for the GC said this:

“PBwiki has been very helpful to us in designing and maintaining an interactive space for content distribution and data capture.”

Nice, right?

I think this is a further indicator that wikis are being embraced as powerful tools by the world at large, in this case, by the global policy-making community. My personal opinion (just mine, please note; doesn’t constitute any kind of endorsement) is that the UN’s focus on dialogue and collaboration dovetails nicely with wikis in general and PBwiki in particular.

For more information, read our press release on PBwiki’s partnership with the United Nations.

Also, see the post by Jürgen, one of the UNers in charge of the project. Here’s the UN’s press release on one of the elements of the Global Compact that uses PBwiki. And, here’s a nice write up on the project by the Bivings Report


One Response to “United Nations and PBwiki Partner to Provide Global Platform for Corporate Responsibility”

  1. WilkieMon April 25, 2007 at 6:36 pm #

    Go PBwiki!

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