Eating more than just PBJ sandwiches

Since we are much too frugal to eat out every night, we’ve been cooking some great meals during our company retreat. Arroz Con Pollo, Grilled steak, and more. Most recently, Emily cooked an awesome shrimp dish. Oddly, the discarded shrimp tails randomly seemed to form some sort of message from beyond.


4 thoughts on “Eating more than just PBJ sandwiches

  1. Wow, I was just listening to the Stuck in the 80s ( podcast on the 1984 cult classic movie Repoman and now you’re talking about a plate o’ shrimp… cosmic man.

    “A lot o’ people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch o’ unconnected incidents ‘n things. They don’t realize that there’s this, like, lattice o’ coincidence that lays on top o’ everything. Give you an example; show you what I mean: suppose you’re thinkin’ about a plate o’ shrimp. Suddenly someone’ll say, like, plate, or shrimp, or plate o’ shrimp out of the blue, no explanation. No point in lookin’ for one, either. It’s all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.”

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