Brief Power Outage Aug 10, PBwiki Back Up & Happy


This morning at 8:03am PDT, our San Francisco center had a power issue, causing about half of our servers there to go down. Due to the large amount of data we now safeguard, as our servers came back up, some of them took a while to verify the correctness of PBwiki’s data, and one of our database servers was fried. Thankfully, we’re quite rigorous about making sure data is in multiple places, so your data was not at risk.

But PBwiki was slow/unavailable for about an hour. We sincerely apologize; we’re putting in place mechanisms to keep the service from being as affected by a single outage and able to recover more quickly and gracefully. We take great pride in making sure that you have smooth, snappy, secure access to your data at all times.

David Weekly, CEO

3 thoughts on “Brief Power Outage Aug 10, PBwiki Back Up & Happy

  1. You barely at 50% functionality at 7:00 AM, Seattle Time, Sat Aug 11.
    Constant Css errors when trying to save web pages

    AUGH couldn’t open css file for writing: ucss/e0/e0b5/e0b5081683d84377bcca04a5e54a79ee0ed1b32d.css

    All Edits lost when saving web pages (reversion to earlier versions)

    Sorry for your power outage, but you (or someone) must also know that these errors are occurring, so “smooth, snappy and secure” seems a little exaggerated (and irritating) for right now. Only super dedicated and passionate users (as you seem to be) should be using this site right now.

    R Hambly

  2. Robert,

    We’re very sorry you ran into an issue with the service. The brief CSS errors you saw Saturday were a separate issue from the outage and were due to a hard drive error in one of our application servers; the issue was quickly resolved and you should not be seeing any further problems with the service at present. We hope you enjoy PBwiki! šŸ™‚

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