Super-handy new premium feature: Access via email

Here’s a great new feature especially handy for our businesses, education, and government users: Access-via-email lets you set an email domain, and anyone with an email under that domain can grant themselves Contributor access to your wiki. An example will make this a lot more obvious – here at PBwiki we run a bunch of internal wikis and this feature makes it easy to set up self-service — no more “hey, what’s the password for that wiki?” with new employees and new wikis. I set ‘’ in the ‘Access via email’ section of the wiki settings and now anyone on the PBwiki team can let themselves in using their address. Easy!


The “Access via email” feature is available for all Silver, Gold, and Platinum wikis (it depends on the wiki being configured with a Contributor user level).

Published by pbwikinathan

I'm the CTO of PBworks, Inc. We help organizations work better as teams with their clients and partners.

4 thoughts on “Super-handy new premium feature: Access via email

  1. This looks like a great feature. Is it possible to set up multiple email domains, or only one. For an external facing wiki, where you want to enable contributor set-up on the part of multiple specified businesses, it would be superb if one were able to set up multiple email domains. Would you pls email me and let me know whether this is possible. Many thanks. Richard.

  2. Richard –

    We thought about that and decided to start out simple and see how people use the single-domain version. I think it’d be quite cool to allow, for example, two companies working on a particular business deal to set up a single PBwiki with self-service access provided for both teams. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. This looks like a great feature, though I won’t know how well it works until school starts. But I’ve enabled it and look forward to it!

  4. Thanks Nathan. Please let me know if/when you decide to move to a multiple email domains version, as I can foresee some uses for PB wikis if/when that happens. Thanks again. Richard

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