Creating new pages and uploading files

Now that you’ve created your PBwiki, here’s a 60-second overview on how to create pages and upload files.

Uploading a file
To upload a file to your wiki, click “Edit page” and then “Attach file.” Free wikis have 10MB of storage space, while Premium wikis have up to 10GB of space.

Creating a new page
To create a new page, click “Edit page” and type in some words. Then highlight the words you’d like to link to (like “Schedule of Events”), click “Insert link,” and create a link to the new page.

See this process about 10% of the way through the video below:

You can also create a new page by clicking “New page,” but be sure to link to it so it’s not an orphan page! (If you accidentally create an orphan page, find all pages by clicking “All pages” at the bottom of your wiki.)

Bonus tip: Power users may want to click “Classic mode” to get a wiki-style editor. This will let you embed embed HTML and control formatting more closely.

11 thoughts on “Creating new pages and uploading files

  1. Hello, I do not really know what to say. I had a wonderful weekend with my girlfriend. And now that it is over I guess it is time to get back to work. I have been stressing about a couple of different assignments i got last week. I have an 8 minute speech and I absolutely hate talking in front of people. I get anxious and i start to worry about messing up. I really wish i was not so intimidated about being in the spot light. Sometimes i just start getting really nervous and lose my train of thought completely. So I ask of you to be patient with me this tri. Thank you

  2. I would like to create a meeting calendar where other members of my dept can log in and input their meeting times and dates. I have a Word table that we use now as a hard copy on a clipboard that we pass around from teacher to teacher. In trying to move us to the 21st century, I uploaded the file containing the table and tried to cut and paste it but lost the gridlines and format. I am brand new to this so your input is appreciated.

  3. suzanne:
    “I would like to create a meeting calendar where other members of my dept can log in and input their meeting times and dates.”

    Sorry I’m posting so late, (and you may have already come across a solution), but you could play around with Google Calendars. A shared group calendar can be created within Google. You could then create a link to the calendar in one of your wiki pages.

  4. Getting Started, you say.
    But I don’ even find “Edit page” and “Attach file”.
    What is meant by Front Page?

  5. Hi Bob,

    Once you’ve created your wiki, make sure you’re logged in. Then you’ll be able to edit your wiki.

    The FrontPage is the landing page for your wiki (much like “home” or “index.html” in a regular web page). This is the first page you and your users will see when they go to your wiki’s URL.

  6. Dave,

    We’ve recently added target functionality to the link button in PBwiki 2.0. Here’s a screenshot of how to access it:

    To make a link open in a new window, select New Window (_blank).

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