PBwiki free premium accounts for victims of Southern California wildfires

This morning Leng Caloh, the Managing Online Editor for KPBS in Southern California, wrote us to let us know that they’re using PBwiki to coordinate reporting on the Southern California wildfires. “The wiki has been a godsend,â€? she said. “PBwiki has a great service and it’s helping us to serve the public!â€?

Because it’s such a chaotic situation, we’re offering two weeks of free Platinum wikis for anyone involved with the Southern California wildfires.

PBwiki will provide free public or private wikis to help recovery organizations:
* Provide real time updates to internal staff members
* Collaborate with disaster recovery team members
* Prioritize and coordinate with disaster relief team members on the ground
* Upload videos and photos
* List emergency contacts and their status

PBwiki will provide free public or private wikis to help family members:
* Communicate and update all friends and family from one central location
* Post critical support services contact information
* Network with other neighbors affected by the fire

PBwiki for emergency communications
Check out what one of our PBwiki users, David Stephenson of Stephenson Strategies, said: “Wikis are ideally suited to emergency communications because they allow anyone who knows any aspect of what is happening to contribute that information — and then others can correct it as conditions change.”

Hopefully we can help, even if it’s in a small way.

If you’re involved in the disaster-relief effort, or know someone who is, email fire-relief@pbworks.com with the name of your free wiki to be upgraded (on your honor).


-Ramit Sethi
PBwiki Co-founder

[Update]: Here’s one such wiki: The San Diego Fires wiki (via Paul Kedrosky)

6 thoughts on “PBwiki free premium accounts for victims of Southern California wildfires

  1. When I first read this, I was like: “What, they get a premium account for this?! Why not for the people who lost their homes during Katrina, or the bombing victims in London?”

    But then I read WHY they are getting a premium account: to co-ordinate a battle against the fire.

    And then I was like: Yup. That’s a darn good reason. No complaints for me!

  2. Myself and my two daughters survived these wildfires, but a lot of my neighbors were not so lucky. Some places looks as if a atom bomb had gone off taking everything with it. You are so kind to offer your services to us, you are to be commended. I want to say thank-you and God Bless to all that have come to help us and my community. Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen to you or your loved ones but just know that there are still some good folks out there that care.

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