Transition your 1.0 wiki to a PBwiki 2.0

We’ve received tons of emails from beta users requesting to transfer their 1.0 wikis to the new PBwiki 2.0.

We’ve already invited a limited number people to transition their wiki, and we’re excited to allow a few more users the opportunity to transfer to a PBwiki 2.0.

When you transition you will be able to access our new features:
Improved Editor
Page Level Access

Things to know when transitioning your wiki:
• Users must have a PBwiki account – currently 2.0 wikis do not use the invite key
• Custom CSS wikis will need to use the new color picker tool to customize your wiki.
• Your wiki may display differently in 2.0

Most importantly, when you switch to PBwiki 2.0 you won’t be able to revert back to 1.0.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that signed up for the migration trial. We’ll be reaching out to you over the next few days to make this happen.

26 thoughts on “Transition your 1.0 wiki to a PBwiki 2.0

  1. I was sent a “snack attack” email to “give” a free year of platinum upgrade. I gave this to

    I didn’t create this wiki but I am an Admin on it. It is currently 1.0 and I wanted to transition it to 2.0 as well as upgrade to platinum.

    I submitted my “snack attack” and the request above. Hope that is the right way to go.

  2. Sue: Great, I’ll be contacting you later this week to begin the conversion process. Thanks for signing up!

  3. I am potentially interested in transitioning our class wiki to 2.0. However, here are my concerns. While a lot of my students have email accounts, none of them have access to email at school. All general online email accounts (like yahoo, hotmail, and gmail) are blocked by school and district web filters, and our school does not provide student email accounts. This means that the initial sign up process would have to occur outside of school, which opens up all kinds of problems. However, if I manage to get the initial sign up process accomplished, it shouldn’t matter if that the kids can’t access their email while building wiki pages at school, right?

    Another question: students have uploaded numerous images to use on thier wiki vocab pages. Would the uploaded images also be transferred?

  4. @Jennie Flynt: We definitely recognize that the required use of email addresses might be troublesome for some education-based use cases so we’re actively working on some sort of solution. (I don’t have any type of ETA on this just yet.)

    To answer your specific questions:

    1. Your students would not need to actually check their email addresses but they would need to login each time with their unique email address and password.

    2. Yes, all images would be transferred during the migration.

    @Aegis_Runestone: Unfortunately, we do not have a custom viewer that would accomplish what you’re requesting. I’d encourage you to sign up for a free 2.0 wiki and start trying it out for yourself.

  5. Hi
    I would be interested in transitioning our wiki to 2.0 but I have a concern over the requirement for 2.0 users to be PBWiki account users – does this apply to all potential users of a wiki or to just the administrator/owner?



  6. I was sent a snack attack email, but couldn’t use it on my 1.0 ‘premium’ wiki as it said it was already premium (so I used it on another wiki.)

    I submitted the name of my current premium wiki here – hopefully I will be able transition it as well (though it doesn’t need the platinum upgrade.) I really liked the look of 2.0 in beta and look forward to switching over to it!

  7. I have a genealogy wiki currently and would like to keep the wiki available to the general public (without a login).

    In 2.0 would this be possible and if I stay with 1.0 – how long will this be supported?


  8. I would also like to transition my V1.0 wiki to V2.0. Please let me know how to proceed.


  9. I’d love to upgrade my wiki. How do I do it? You have no instructions in the post.

  10. Hi there,

    I would definitely be interested in transitioning our 1.0 over to 2.0.



  11. I was given a “golden ticket” to try out a 2.0 wiki..while I haven’t played with it just a whole lot yet, I will. BUT, I’d like to get my current, active wiki upgraded, if I could.

  12. Hi there folks! We stopped accepting wikinames for the 2.0 transition after just a few days, because we just wanted to test things out, make sure we got all the kinks out. We’re working on a way to transition all of you who are interested, and hope to have that finished soon.

    We will announce when this is available, but if you still want to post your wikis here, that’s fine.

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