PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Page-level access and Overview.]

Organizing your wiki becomes important as you add more and more content. In PBwiki 2.0, we’ve improved navigation with better search, improved tagging, and page folders.

Today, I’m going to cover page folders in PBwiki 2.0.

When it comes to PBwiki organization, there are a couple of major issues:
1. Organizing lots of pages is difficult on PBwiki right now (have you ever wondered, ‘Where did that page go?’)
2. There are often many different users on a wiki — and they don’t care about all pages, they just care about their pages

As a result, we’ve created folders within PBwiki 2.0.

Imagine you invite your colleague from your marketing team to your PBwiki. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a central place — within the wiki — for all the marketing pages?

In PBwiki 2.0, you can add any page to a folder. (Use an existing folder or create your own.)


And just as PBwiki 2.0 features page-level access, it also features folder-level permissions.


Folders are useful for:

  • Creating specific sections on your wiki to organize pages
  • Creating specific sections on your wiki with custom permissions
  • Making your wiki easier to navigate!


Golden Tickets: Get beta access to PBwiki 2.0
We have a limited amount of Golden Tickets to try out PBwiki 2.0 as a beta user. If you’re interested in trying out PBwiki 2.0 and giving us feedback, sign up for PBwiki 2.0 beta access.

16 thoughts on “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders

  1. The ability to categorize pages to aid structure will undoubetdly help but mostly in our case to be able to find things. Will this help restructing a wiki that is getting out of control? Will you be making any changes to tags and how i a folder different that just a page called marketing with pages underneath?

  2. Will you be able to nest folders within folders? For example, have a folder named “Accounting” and have folders named “Accounts Payable” and “Accounts Receivable” sit within the “Accounting” folder?

  3. Tery,

    Folders should help in structuring large wikis. Part of what they do is to impose logical constraints…for example, a page can only be in one folder. The other thing they do is provide clear hierarchy. A page with links is an artificial hierarchy.


    We will be allowing people to upgrade their wikis from 1.0 to 2.0, though we haven’t rolled this out yet.


    Right now, folders are not nestable. We wanted to get the basic implementation in first, then consider such enhancements.

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