Use wikis to build your online classroom

Our educators portal has some great examples of teachers actively using wikis to build class networks, improve student learning and encourage open discussion and collaboration.

But how did all these teachers get to this point?

If you find yourself asking this question, we’re here to help! Tune in to tomorrow’s webinar to find out the best way build your own remote classroom and engage your students

We’re going to share community tips on classroom management, building a classroom community, and how to design group work on your wiki. Learn how to use our new PBwiki 2.0 features to create private team pages, change student access controls, and more.

You can sign up for our webinar here.

3 thoughts on “Use wikis to build your online classroom

  1. I would like my students to have a page where they can communicate with each other aside from making comments on the dsamath wiki home page and its links. I missed the webinar on this. I want them to have blogs(??). HELP.

  2. Hi
    Unfortunately, I’ve only now read about this webinar. It was exactly what I wanted to learn. Is there a record of it or online document that I can read?

  3. Hi Nergiz,

    You can find an archive of the webinar – along with the demo wiki and tons of examples – on our educators portal – sign up here:

    Mrs T –

    Wikis work well for collaboration between people and groups. Blogs specialize in publicizing one message to many people. There are several great blog services that I can recommend – check out,, or


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