Getting a "read only" message?

[9:09pm] If you’re getting a “read only” message on your wiki, our engineers are performing unscheduled maintenance and are currently working to restore full wiki access. We estimate restoring full access by 1am PST.

Your data is safe.

We’ll continue updating this post with the newest developments. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here and we’ll respond right away.

[11:37pm] We’ve revised our timeline and expect to restore full access to wikis by 4am PST. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please see some of the Q&A in the comments (below). If you have any other questions, please leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you.

[1:42am] Great news: We’ve restored access to your wikis. You should be able to access your wiki now.

If you have any questions or notice any irregularities, please click “Help” in your wiki. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience — we all worked around the clock to restore full access to your wikis.

24 thoughts on “Getting a "read only" message?

  1. So NONE of my data was deleted? I need to be sure, because I have pages on my class wiki that has the outlines of my project on it.

  2. Samantha: The maintenance should be complete around 1am Pacific. There may have been some issues with saves between 8:30pm and 8:45pm PST tonight, but other than that minor window, all data will be fully available.

    Bob: Good point! Always keeping us on our toes : )

  3. Right before pbwiki began the unscheduled maintenance, first one of my pages disappeared and then the sidebar disappeared – with messages that they did not exist but I could create them. Sigh. Do you think they be back next time I sign on?

  4. Gail: Let’s hang tight until we restore full access. If you saved a page within that 10-minute window, it may not be there — but all other data will. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Sheleye: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to post your homework before 11:55pm. But I’d be happy to personally write a note to your teacher explaining why it’s late if it would help.

  5. Hi,
    does read-only mean that I can still visually access my wikipage? I don’t see anything. I am studying for an exam tomorrow morning and need to take a look at the materials!

  6. is it working now, the time is 1:40
    it’s not working and i don’t like staying up this late
    please fix the problem immediately or i’ll just get mad

  7. I’m getting the Read-Only message instead of my pbwiki home page. So I’m wondering how to get past the Read Only message to read the pbwiki? If I can’t read it then it’s not Read-Only is it. It’s kind of more like Write-None , Read-None or just plain offline for maintenance.

  8. Hi all — some of the wikis are inaccessible (the ones that weren’t in cache), so you won’t be able to access them until we restore full access to all wikis.

    Again, I apologize for this. I know you want access to your wikis ASAP, and we’re doing everything we can to get you access as fast as we can. We’re here at the office at 11:30pm and have engineers on 24-hour shifts to help speed up restoring access to your wikis.

    I’ll also be updating our estimated time for a full recovery, which is now 4am PST.

    Thanks for your patience, and if you have any other questions, please let us know.

  9. I appreciated the effort you all made to this pbwiki site.

    Unfortunately I was writing up something there to cheer my girlfriend ( :-$ ) up as I did something stupid….. and when I tried to save — I got the “so hungry…” message. I’m afraid those long paragraph I wrote would have been lost in the universe. cry. Ramit, would you be willing to write personal note on behalf of pbwiki so that she’d know what I was experiencing was rare….. Thanks!

  10. Thanks Ramit, I’ll assume you’re serious and please kindly email me. My writing is lost πŸ˜₯
    BTW, you might want to know this is a post made in Hong Kong — and this is 15:15 here now πŸ™‚

  11. This is the Netherlands (Groningen) here:

    It is 9.20 AM at the moment (Amsterdam/Groningen time).
    How much longer is the work going to take?

    Please give an estimate,



  12. > Anything new to report?

    You mean like it being 15 min after they said it should be available and it isn’t? I wish people wouldn’t give arbitrary times. I mean… I can feel their pain, I’m a software developer that occasionally has problems too. However, I don’t state deadlines I can’t meet… if I don’t know how long something will take I tell people it’ll be done when it’s done. This is why we run simulations.

  13. I agreed with some of the above posts that the “read-only” message is slightly misleading. It gives the impression that there is a possibility to see our wikis, but not edit them. In fact, we can neither read nor edit our wiki. I would suggest to change this message, but of course please first fix the access to our wikis πŸ™‚

    Here is a link to a time zone map where you can check what 04am pacific time corresponds to in your time zone (I’m in Europe, for example).

    Good luck fixing whatever is broken!

  14. Hi all, thanks for being patient. We’ve restored access to all wikis. All pages should be verified and correct. We’ll be monitoring these comments if you have other questions, so please let us know.

  15. thanks for fixing it. be good to have some description of why it went wrong and what steps are in place to stop it happening again. Also some sort of better ETA predictor for fixes and releases (perhaps a release manager role might be good for the company) as a lot of predictions are quite vague / or non existent. The answer to a lot of questions seems to be “we are working on it, we cant give you an ETA but we’ll let you know on the blog when it is fixed/that feature is available etc..”
    eg. still waiting for 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade and have no idea when you are going to roll out how to do this. You must have some idea of timescales for things…. some grand plan….?

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